RBM.  43 knots, 20 tons. This one has been in the boro not quite a year yet.

Last weekend must have been training, as it was dashing hither and yon with lots of crew.

Yon and hither.

By the way, did you notice that I played a game out of bowsprite’s book with that first foto?  Go back and see if you can figure what I did.  Notice the wake pattern here;  45612 had just completed a speedy turn.

Notice that I airbrushed out–and not too elegantly–the M240 gun?

She put her 76mm canon back on too, after first drawing Escanaba without.  If she can play that, so can I, right?  For news from Escanaba, click here.

All fotos . . . and some photosshopping, Will Van Dorp.

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