Great shots of Kristin Poling:  from Jag9889, Tom Hoboken, keylimesteve, and Tom Turner.  Here are fotos of the vessel (then-Poughkeepsie Socony) from 1954 and (aground) from 2007.   And I wrote about her here a year and a half ago.

I caught her headed westbound on KVK last week, but little did I expect I would witness her

docking, over at the east end of Caddell.

Docking a 281′ vessel (single screw) requires–among other things–clear communication.

I hadn’t noticed the sign stenciled to the front of the house until looking more closely on the computer:  “No cell phones on deck.”  I suppose the same lack of “instrinsic-safety” might hold for cameras?

The captain eased her in, and the crew caught

the bollard on the first toss, and that was it.

that WAS it–no drama.  Thanks for the show, guys.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Has John B. Caddell, whose namesake founded the shipyard, been mothballed?

Unrelated:  Here’s a sad story about a theft of nav lights from a 1910 tug.  Peregrine Sea has outstanding fotos.

Also unrelated:  anyone catch a foto of the French cruiser Jeanne D’Arc (R97) in or around the sixth boro?