Has it been more than three years already since I posted on “specialized 4,” back when Red Hook’s sugar mill still stood?    It hardly seems possible.  Do you recognize this daffodil-colored object below?

They gallop faster than 20 knots, carrying many dozens of passengers, and they’re locally made at Derecktor Shipyards, just a jaunt up the Sound.

They bounce or dance on these twin hulls in a way that makes me

hope some inspired folk talent revisits Harry Chapin’s Taxi song;  a lost-love story called “water taxi,” about a passenger and a captain (or crew) who meet (or don’t) years too late (early).

Who is this Curt Berger?

And Ed Rogowsky, depicted in the last foto of the post in 2007, who was he and where is this vessel that now goes as Heavens Gate?

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.