Here’s a concept:  Odin transformed into ATB with a Brandywine-sque upper house.

A newcomer:  Eagle Service (ex-Grant Candies).

As you seen here before and from the same year as Eagle Service, it’s Patriot Service (ex-Sean Candies, 1996).   Click here to see the current Candies fleet.

And another frequenter of this blog, Glen Cove (ex-Mary Gellatly, Philadelphia, and Capt. Danny, 1975).

Hubert Bays (2001) and mover of biofuel in the harbor?  See this.

Fred Johannsen (ex-Marco Island, 1971)

Evening Mist (ex-Patricia C. Bouchard, 1976)

If you haven’t seen Bowsprite’s latest prototype color scheme redesign, check it out here. Honestly, I can’t wait to see her redesign some other fleet colors, both commercial and (especially) non-profit/museum-esque;  after all, according to my friend Alice, she possesses a magical camera.    And another new tug video from the guys in Gloucester . . .  Joey, Paul, and Jay.  Also, Mitch of Newtown Pentacle has sauntered through my offices here recently and put together his own KVK impressions; part one can be accessed through part 2.

Of course, it’s the lovely Gramma Lee T Moran that serves as backdrop (along with product tanker Torm Venture) for three of the fotos.

All fotos here taken last week (before the storm) by Will Van Dorp.