From aboard icebreaker tug Sturgeon Bay, Harold Tartell took these three fotos of Jumbo Vision southbound near Kingston about two months ago.   That ice is now gone.

According to Sea Bart, Jumbo’s motto is “We can transport anything that doesn’t fit in a container. . .  power station components,  large oil refinery reactor vessels, container cranes, small ships, large trucks, trains.”  Maybe even large pre-historic trunked mammals with tusks and hair, I wonder.   Jumbo’s link contains examples of news items from the company.

Jumbo’s competition is BigLift (ex-Mammoet . . . here’s the ancient wooly elephantine ancestor).  Click here to see a tugster “biglift” foto capture from 2007.

Click here to see great examples of cargoes in the Biglift news page.

All fotos by Harold Tartell.