Initially I wrote this as a “mystery tug” post.   After a day or so, I changed the title here to “Pegasus High and Dry” since she’s well-known in the sixth boro.  She’s in Caddell’s drydock for a repair involving the tailshaft.

To remove the tailshaft, a “portal” gets cut from the rudder.  Notice the balanced rudder–leading edge forward of the pivot point.

Pegasus has a stem –to my layperson’s eyes–as sleek as that on a Viking longship.  For some scale, notice the worker on the starboard side.

This tug has been featured on this blog before.

The  tender is a classy addition.

It’s Pegasus!!  The  103-year-old Pegasus (ex-S. O. Co. No. 16, Socony 16, Esso No. 1, John E. McAllister) therefore shares an ownership ancestry with Lincoln Sea and Greenland Sea, albeit several times removed.   And she’s primping, prepping for the season!  Like spring training is about to begin.  You saw her previously here, here, and use the window to search for others.  More Peg very soon.

By the way, Pegasus came out of the Skinner Shipyard in Baltimore on the banks of the Patapsco.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.