What a treat . . . I spotted Jumbo Spirit less than an hour after sunrise.  Vessel details here, but one striking one is her age  . . .  any guesses?

Built in 1995.   As offspring of Dutch immigrants, I can attest to the fastidious housekeeping and paint that embodies the Dutch character . . . or is a habit of some Dutch characters although (full disclosure) not really one of mine.

But seriously Jumbo Spirit made my day;  I first spotted it gallop in under the VZ Bridge and then hang west into the KVK.  Alley-oop, oop, oop!  It was fast and first I feared it was headed up the Hudson and I’d miss it.

Anyone see it leave?  I’m curious what large load it

took back out to sea with it . . . if it has already left.

Such color it brought to a spring morning, like daffodils.

And it even did a somersault as it headed for the Bayonne Bridge . . . er . . . maybe I did the flip??

In either case, seeing Jumbo tromp in ensured that nothing could get me down that morning.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Oh … here’s some info on the origin of this non-AngloSaxon word in English.  Guess?