Little toot surely!  And what might she be dragging along?  Answer at end of the post.

A new sighting for me . . . Kathleen (1975).

Jill Reinauer (ex-Ranger 1967).

Amy C McAllister (ex-Jane A. Bouchard, 1975) with Ellen (1966) and MOL Innovation (1996) in the background.

Choptank (2006).  And what is that dour yellow in the background?

Evening Tide (1970).

Another shot of Ellen escorting in MOL Innovation.  MOL vessels are named for great abstract qualities like Vigor, Vision, Confidence, and –as seen here a little over a week ago–Efficiency.  I’m wondering why the single-deep stack of containers occupies the starboard sternmost corner.

Lil Toot is Tommy Miller dragging in Lady Ashley of Cliffside Park.  I’ve no clue about the make or vintage of Lady Ashley, but I suppose it’s impolite to ask a lady her age.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp within a shot hour and a half Saturday morning.