The sixth boro is a huge workplace, made up of many smaller  workplaces, each with many specialities; all

in a wide open place, without which the megalopolis could not

function.  So few

provide for the many.

So few choreograph

basic needs for

so many.

Tugs shown include from top:  Gramma Lee T Moran, Miriam Moran, Sarah Ann, and Jill Reinauer.

Can anyone identify the tug below?  Glen Cove?  Next two fotos were sent  by Richard Guthrie, taken in New Baltimore, upriver.

Closer-up by Richard shows an enormous piece of tubing headed south on the Hudson earlier this week.  Check out some of the projects on the Megrant site here.

Many thanks to Jed for the top two fotos here.  Fotos 3–7 by Will Van Dorp.