Stuff I’ve bought comes from many places, but nowhere among my possesions can I find a stuff with the provenance of the 27-month-old tanker Stena Perros.

Stena Perros came off the ways in Split.  Check out the a great first line in this wiki article about the Brodosplit Shipyard:  “There has been shipbuilding in what is now the outskirts of Split for a thousand years.”

Stena Perros‘ bublous bow dwarfs Stephen Scott and barge.  Ok, make that “bulbous.”

In ballast she draws about 20 feet.

I estimate the letter “s” here to be about 15 feet top to bottom.

Skegs?  I’d like to see this stern in drydock.

Here, here, and here are previous posts about Croatian-built vessels in the sixth boro.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

By the way, famous Croats include Marco Polo, Nikola Tesla, and Mario Andretti,   See lists here and here.

Unrelated:  I’ve haven’t seen any of the movies up for an Oscar, but one that’s nominated and I’d love to see is The Cove.  Hear an interview with the director National Geographic photographer Louie Psihoyos here.