Random and a little of everything.  Fotos look better enlarged, so doubleclick on them.

Let’s start with Viking’s  Dolomite II (1978) from Verplanck, NY.

If we follow the push knees back down in the sixth boro, then here’s the shape-shifting Odin (1982).

If we follow low clearance, we get to this unusual arrangement on James Turecamo (1969) with house down.   Foto thanks to Allen Baker.

Random . . . well, assisting Liberty Service (1983) and Energy 1104 out to sea, here’s Shannon Dann (1971), and a few minutes earlier the crossing of

Laura K. Moran (2008)  and Mister T (2001) with Danish product tanker  Nord Goodwill (2009)in the background.

Thanks again to Allen Baker for James Turecamo, house low, foto.  All other by Will Van Dorp.