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February 24, 1836 . . . is the birthday of my favorite watercolorist.  Who?  Answer follows.

For most of these shots, some of which remind me of watercolor, I’m not going to identify the vessel, although all (except the orange one below)  floated somewhere in the sixth boro.  As to the watercolorist, he died at age 74.  As to the orange one, the watercolorist died less than 100 miles north of where that lobster boat, which has appeared in this blog before, docks.

Some  of my favorite works by this artist featured scenes in the Keys and points east and south.

He did some stunning war work, too, like one of a Union sharpshooter aka sniper in tree.

Peripatetic, he got up to the Adirondacks to paint a lot of canoe and fishing tableaux.

Some of his sunsets immersed maritime subjects–lots of schooners– in Gloucester.

The vessel, high and dry below, is Peking, which Winslow Homer never painted, but I’ll bet he wished he had the chance.  See 481 of his works here.  Peking, featured here many times before, launched a year after Winslow Homer died.

He would have turned a mere 174 today, and I’ll bet he’d be waterblogging and watercoloring.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.  This post is dedicated to my second . . .  well, actually first among those I know,  favorite watercolorist.

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