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Tugs take myriad shapes.  Jay catches a hint of tugs to come on Cape Ann Images:  the new tug Independence. Yet another reason to return to Gloucester, soon!!  More at BTT tugs at Shooting My Universe.  Then, 3000 miles away, catch a variety of recent Puget Sound tugs at Fremonttugboat her, the first of which is K-Sea’s Sargasso Sea, no doubt named for the steamy Rhys’ novel.

Back along the Hudson, try this one-seater tug with hand-painted name sign on portside of the bow.

Ike‘s specs:  Gladding-Hearn built in 1957 with dimensions of 34′ x 13′ x 6.’

Socrates has a traditional rugged look of a model bow tug.  Specs:  113′ x 29′ x 11′ and built in 1966.

But Socrates sports some unusual calligraphy, which wouldn’t be unattractive tattooed on someone’s hip.

Taking this foto got me my first-ever “talking-to” by law enforcement, but all went well:  I gave the officer my “business” card, and he might now just be a happy reader of the tugster blog . ..  I hope.

Coastline Girls (ex-Ruby, Ruby M, and Beverly)  at 69′ x 20′ x 8′ dates from 1943.  And this one’s for you, Officer.

Molly Johannsen (ex-Carol) is a real cutie dating from

from 1972 and all of 30′ x 10′ x 4.’

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

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