In a recent post, bowsprite put up a message, which set me off in search of omens and other signs of the times, starting from the one in green below, which sounds vaguely like a line from a hostage situation.  “Ok, my hands are raised over my head and I’m really trying to cooperate.”

SCF is a Russian company, which makes me wonder about a chicken-or-egg question here:  Safety Comes First is clever.  I would not advise complying with the order to “tug” though near the base of the ship’s ladder.

Propellor warnings are common

enough, although not all look the same, which I like.

Some signs can be lengthy, whereas others

are short.  Or is this a command?  I wonder.

Some just make you wonder.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.    If you’ve seen any good signs–whether they augur ill or well–lately, please send them along.