Type”grouper” into my search window, and you’ll get almost 10 posts, the most recent is this from December 2009.  But I could have called the vessel Gary, its original name, after the city, I suppose, which itself is named after a founder of US Steel.    Enjoy these fotos taken Valentine’s Day weekend 2010.  Doubleclick enlarges most.  Notice something

different, other than

the deep snow?  Here’s a link to Gary info from the BGSU database.  Enter the name “Gary ” (case sensitive), click on “begin search” and  then click on the 1912 tug one.

Specs:  73′ x 19′ x 10.’   Owned from 1912 til 1934 by Dunham Towing and Wrecking, it then passed into ownership of C. Reiss Coal Co, still extant and one time owner of Reiss Steamship Company.  It later did some time at Florida Marine Terminal in Miami.  Anyone have fotos of the Florida portion of its life, transit north?

Next two are from Jon’s collection.  As Iroquois and

before that, in Reiss colors,  as Green Bay.  Long and low, a perfect canaler.

As to something different about my three shots?  Grouper finally faces west!  In all previous posts, she faced east.  Come spring, west she will go!

First three fotos by Will Van Dorp, taken on V-Day weekend.