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If ever I knew this poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley, the spouse of Mary Shelley, who authored Frankenstein then I’d forgotten it til a stranger–a compelling stranger– recited though not as an invitation the second half for me :

“See the mountains kiss high heaven.       And the waves clasp one another;        No sister-flower would be forgiven        If it disdained its brother;       And the sunlight clasps the earth.       And the moonbeams kiss the sea:       What is all this sweet work worth           If thou kiss not me?”

Bravo P. B.  Shelley!!

Here’s a hypothetical how-to PB might have appended:  Approach and watch signals.  Some signals are not visible yet real.

Establish first contact.  Time for subtlety has expired.

Move to the other side.  It might offer more frisson than the first.

Send out other tendrils of contact.

Allow  pressure and tempo to build;  then surge

even more, as one.

See bowsprite’s 2009 V-Day wish rendition here.

For loosening Affinity from her mooring and whirling her out to the open sea, compliments to the crew of Miriam Moran!  And to the stranger, merci.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.  Add  V-Day sentiments?

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