Good golly . . . what hangs there?  Find a color clue  in the lower left corner as to ownership of the crane, …

Why . . . it’s Miss Holly aka these days as Paul Andrew. If you click the Paul Andrew link, check Sarah Ann. And if you own a crane like this, who needs a dry dock to lift a vessel into the high and dry?

Paul Andrew (ex-Miss Holly) built in 1968, 63′ x 23′ x 8 draft and 2400 hp.  Anyone

have fotos of

Miss Holly hanging around?

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist.  Nor could I resist listening to Little Richard Miss Holly . . . er something.

Top three fotos (taken in March 2008) taken by Mr Bill Benson of Hydrographic Surveys.  Thanks much, Bill.  The last two, by Will Van Dorp.

Unrelated:  A peak moment in 2009 for me was seeing Onrust lowered from a crane into the Mohawk for its very first float event.