A new movie monster?  A snared mutant terrapin or parrot?  Puff the magic dragon roused from a peaceful hibernation?  My wildest love with green painted nails?  Double click to enlarge, if you dare.

Dragster engine turned on its side?

A new dynamic stabile installed along the KVK?

Rock sampling?  Old port building demolition?  EPRC bucket advantages?

Sinewy muscle of a bionic arm?  A new type of prison cell?

A watery dozen plus cubic yard of problem-solving?

Enough red-bean chili to feed a horde?   The rock collector in me wants one of those rocks, no matter how smelly.

Props for a Mad Max sequel set on water?

Nah!  It’s Lucky D and just another

morning on bucket dredge New York.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.