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It’s official:  999 posts have preceded this one.  I have had a blast.  More important, I have met such a rich array of subjects, readers and commenters that I feel blessed.  Some of you I already knew before tugster . . .  I have gotten to know you better and differently:  I feel enriched in the re-acquainting this way.

I have imagined stopping more times than you might imagine, because I felt I have nothing more to say, but with blessings and riches I feel when you write, I’m eager to go on even when I have barely enough time in the day.  Thank you and you and you for reading;  I’m especially happy when you write back.  I made a list of people to thank, but chose NOT to publish it for fear of leaving someone out.  You know who you are.

The collage below is comprised of a vent and life ring from John B. Caddell, the wheel of Cornell, and a porthole from Cheyenne.

In honor of today’s event, I created this summary of the most popular posts using titles and key words in a wordle matrix.  It’s fun and easy to do;  make one using any set of words with your kid, grandkid, best friend, or grandparents next time you’re looking to dazzle, entertain, or just amuse.

Cheers!  On to the next waypoint.  Creating 1000 posts means more to me than a reaching a birthday or new year.

Special thanks to Bowsprite for the 1000 collage.

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