Join me on a walk . ..  maybe a row or swim would be more accurate although the row and swim have already been done.  What is this? Answer follows . . .  remember that double-clicking on an image enlarges it.

The wood body . . . vessel or sounding board?

Okay . . . vessel.  By a view from stem and

stern you might wonder more about it.

In this same “boathouse” are large drawings and on the far wall a video is projected.  Turn the video screen 90 degrees counterclockwise (cock your head that way) and you’ll see water, horizon, and sky.

Here’s a whirlpool detail from one of the drawings and

near the center of the foto below you see it transferred onto the hull.  Boat hull as sketchbook, I like it.

Drawings and boat are the work of Marie Lorenz, whose show “Shipwrecks” (lots of links in the story) can be seen at the Jack Hanley Gallery in Tribeca until January 31.    I highly recommend seeing it.

By the way, Marie’s website has been on my blogroll for over two years under the category “recreation.”

By the way, some personal disclosure . . . seeing boats indoors is not unusual for me:  I have two kayaks hanging from my living room ceiling.  One can be seen on the  “about tugster” page.  The other is a 1935 Folbot, all wood and brass, skinless at the moment.

Don’t you have one?  Shouldn’t everyone?   And yes, those are Christmas lights.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Unrelated:  if I don’t post tomorrow, indulge me.  I’m working on a special project for a special event.