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Ooops, I see that a year ago I intended to add phototiura to my blogroll, and got distracted . . . never happened til now.  And here was that “bright lights” post almost a year ago;  to see the other two, just type “bright lights” into the search window.

Mimicking a question from “bright lights,”  guess the whereabouts 0f the light below.  Answer at end of post.

Here, within Fort Story, is old Cape Henry light, the FIRST ever public works project of the US federal government;  winning bid went to a New York bricklayer for just over $17,000 dollars.  It took about a year to complete.

After a century of use, it was replaced in 1881 by the new Cape Henry light.

The old Cape Henry light is open

to the public

Here are both lights as seen from the Chesapeake Bridge-Tunnel.  Correct me if I’m missing some alternate explanations, but there were a full dozen bulkers anchored just outside the CBT,  Is this an uncommon economic indicator?

Cape Charles light, on the opposite side of the mouth of the Chesapeake is a skeleton tower.

Those ponies are fattening themselves on cold salt marsh grass, so the light out beyond the loblolly pines must be the

Assateague light, marking the channel between Assateague and Chincoteague.  By the way, just south of Chincoteague is an island popular for birding and fishing called . . . Assawoman.  Would I kid about that?

I had to foto the caveat at the end of the first paragraph below.  I do respect the honesty.

Benjamin Harrison was president from 1889 until 1893;  I wonder if he launched an investigation of lighthouse effectiveness after the wreck of Despatch.  What has become of past presidential yachts?  Who was the last  president to enjoy an official presidential yacht?

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, whose journey to be smitten by the beauty of other watersheds and ports soon ends. Back to work.

Top lighthouse was Tybee Island Light Station, just east of Savannah.  “Tybee” is the Yuchi word for “salt.”  Hmm.

Anyone have more lighthouse fotos/stories to share?

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