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Call me smitten . . . but when I must, I can walk away.  The waving girl waved, but when I approached and proposed some fairly straight forward project, she said naught.  Nothing.  Mute she was!  Taciturnus maximus!  And so, upriver I headed.  With regrets galore, of course, for my own protection.  Whatever there is of Tugster that needs to be protected.  But before I left, I tried to play with perspectives not available in the sixth boro . . . aka 6B.

Like . . . height.  YM Los Angeles as seen from a little over 100′ above the water head on and

over the bow bulwarks at dusk.

Georgia Queen on New Year’s Eve, as seen from the same height.

Relative to the secure Cape Henlopen, see the bow wave coming off this Hapag-Lloyd vessel, and the next time I see that logo, billboard-size, on the side of a ship, I’ll remember

that the letter “g” might open to reveal this hatch.

Energy Puma heads upsteam only

to spin around and head for sea to suckle

via these color-coded ports and hoses hither and yon and next yon . . . .

CMA CGM Swordfish heads up to the container port.  I need to work on taking better night fotos in 2010.

Inventana shows that the golden hour, with sun low on the horizon, is indeed the best time for fotos.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp, who by now hopes to be in Virginia, making his way back to the sixth boro, with Georgia–at least Savannah–on my mind.  I’m blessed to have  excellent navigators–Elizabeth and a parrot–helping me see the otherwise unseen.  Well, the parrot does suggest tangents we can’t quite follow.

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