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As I drank coffee this morning and read Kennebeckcaptain’s article on ATBs, sunrise colors warmed the color of the drab brick building across the way;  stoking the color did nothing for the 18-degree temperatures.  Time for a walk, I thought, wondering what I’d see.  Bright color, fresh

paint?  New steel and welds?  After all the pleasure I’d had watching the final days of construction as documented by the fine folks at Narrangansett Bay Shipping, my first glimpse happened here of Laurie Ann Reinauer!  As Don S calls it, it’s facet tug!

And she was not alone among ATBs:  tailing her was Patriot Service,

a very different-looking tug than –say–Meagan Ann.   By the way, see Meagan Ann in “push contest” video here v. Nathan E. Stewart.  (starts at 40 seconds in).

And then Huron Service.  That’s Irving Oil’s Great Eastern with yellow stack in background.

Laurie Ann made a U-turn somewhere off St, George and headed back west, allowing

a twice over and

a third and

–I was practically leering by now.

But it seemed like a parade, so I felt excused.  That’s Houma approaching on the left and a noisy Captain D with the parade to Laurie Ann‘s port.

All fotos taken this morning by Will Van Dorp.  Blizzard  (yeah, right) here tomorrow.

Not an ITB in sight.    On site here.

And for a little perspective, Kennebeck (and gCaptain)’s  post on Sea Reliance and its barge deals with a tug of more than twice Laurie Ann‘s bhp of 4000,  and a barge with 155,000 barrel capacity v. Laurie Ann‘s barge (which I haven’t seen yet) of 80,000.

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