The last time I used this title , which starts with this foto of the elegant New York Central No. 13, was a half year ago.  How can this be?  And No. 13, how will these elegant  nineteenth century curves glide as she cleaves the Kills?

Amber Waves . . . evocative name, but wouldn’t frothy ones be more descriptive for winter fishing?  Notice the storage space of a trawler hull compared with the tug hulls in this post.   Seeing those spanking new “zinc fish” affixed to the hull recalls Bowsprite’s recent –shall we say . . . “biological” . ..  studies.

Shelby . . . all engine room and fluids tank …  is quite unlike this

offshore clam dredge (?) that needs to store the catch until it’s offloaded at the dock.

Is there a special name for the vertical stempost sported by Specialist II?

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

I’ve previously compared hull types here.