As I walked along the esplanade near Battery Park City the other night, I talked with some fisherman dangling hooks over the sea wall.  “Ling,” one replied when I asked about the catch.  But it looked so small.  Is there a legal minimum size for ling?   Here Eastern Welder drags just north of the Narrows;  dredger Padre Island and container ship  HanJin Colombo approach from sea.   Anyone help with a fish identification?

Here’s a closer up of Eastern Welder.  Use the search box upper left to find fotos of Eastern Welder from previous years.

Dragger (?) Gale fishes over in a  . . .  fertile area of the harbor, where

another set are not far behind.

No no no . .. this was NOT taken anywhere near New York or the sixth boro.  This is Plan B, a Gloucester herring seiner.  Get Joey’s guided tour here.

The skiff, loaded astern, is deployed to help set the purse seine.

For a variety of fishing boat fotos, click here.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Related: I’d love to hear about conflicts arising between draggers in the harbor and other limited maneuverability vessels.  And some day, I’d love to learn what these draggers catch here in winter.  For winter fishing farther north . . . downeast, check out George’s post.