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Be sure to check out the info Norman Brouwer left here in reference to the Moshulu/New York City connection.   More Moshulu fotos soon.

OK, this Liberty ship Tugster teaser foto you’ve seen already, and this one

you haven’t.  And if I zoom in a little closer, you might

make out the name.  To me it looks like:

“bride of god,” I think.  Wow!  Theonymphos Tinou.  And if the date really is 1964, then she was NOT scrapped here.

From a rich source called Mariners, I find the following specifics on Theonympos Tinou.  Maybe you can help me better contextualize the facts.

According to these records, she was delivered from the Bethlehem Fairfield Shipyard in Baltimore  on 14 September 1942 for the WSA as Liberty  ship William Grayson, sailing for the Black Diamond Steamship line out of New York, in convoys, I presume.  Her engine was built by General Machinery Corp, of Hamilton, OH.  By the way, William Grayson was delivered a mere FIVE DAYS before the existing Liberty ship  John W. Brown.  Scroll a bit and see Bowsprite’s watercolor of John W. Brown here.

In 1945 she was sold to the Greek government and renamed Kerkyra.

Here’s the rest of her history:

1946 Condylis Bros (Orion SS Co, New York)- Greek flag
1947 Anna L. Condylis, same owners
1953 (Orion Shpg & Tdg.Co, NY)
1955 D.L.Condylis – Greek flag (Sea Traffic & Tdg. Corp, NY)
1957 Alexandros, Lamyra Shpg.Co.- Greek flag (same managers)
1962 Theonymphos Tinou, Preveza Shpg. Co.- Lebanese flag                                                (Tsakalotos Nav.Corp, NY)

1968 Scrapped Taiwan

Which begs the question, what was she doing in Tottenville in 1964?

Thanks much to Allen Baker for supplying these Bob McClaren fotos, and puzzlers.

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