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Click here to see what google delivers in response to the search term “twinkle express.”  Well, believe it or not, a serious crew works

on board the product tanker by that name.  But can you imagine working on a vessel by that name?  Sorry, I just can’t.  But here’s its schedule and its fotos.

Who comes up with these names?  And I wonder what gets “expressed” into the port as “twinkle.”  What if it were delayed?  Would there be VHF transmissions for bowsprite to eavesdrop on as follows:  “Twinkle Express, Twinkle Express, this is Warehouse 7.  Do you copy?  All bins are empty.  Do you hear the echo?   We need twinkle ASAP.  Repeat . . . twinkle ASAP, shortage is dire!  Without your delivery, eyes will appear dimmer.  So will the sky.  We need you, Twinkle Express.  Do you copy?”    And Bowsprite would wonder if she were sleep-deprived after hearing that transmission.

On a different note, if you recall some name abridging I followed last spring with Seoul Express,  I guess this orange vessel then would be TEX.  TEX or Twinkle . . . what should the vessel be called?

Unrelated:  Name the tall ship in the foto below  taken in mid-October 1972 at South Street Seaport.  The tall ship was arriving here from a European port of call.  Answer tomorrow.  By the way, the tug is Carol Moran.  Carol Moran was reefed in the late 1980s;  the tall ship is still afloat.  What is the tall ship’s name?

Last foto by Steve Lang.  All others by Will Van Dorp.

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