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Rust . . . it transforms the

bow.  It

eats through the

starboard plating.  And

it seeps through the metal

at the stern.  You know the logic now, so next is

what happens portside on a bulk carrier hauling salt.  It

bruises and degrades the metal.

So what are these discolorations on the transom of this wooden boat?

Rust of course.

As major color changes happen this time of year from snow covering outdoor shapes (happening right now outside my window, for the first time this season) coating them with a new uniform whiteness, so rust more subtly transforms surface color but with much more dramatic and destructive  metamorphosis from within. UFO therefore expands to unseen forces outward.  Or maybe undoing from oxidation.  May we not be undone!

Hope you enjoyed this tribute to Andy.  All fotos and their modification by Will Van Dorp.  Bowsprite would fling buckets of ink and aquarelle, and Pamela would painstakingly apply pigments suspended in some oil.  Some inspiration stems from TM and MF.  Thanks all.

By the way, does anyone know previous names applied to the current Buchanan 1?

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