I thought to call this “Endless Blogger,” as a take-off on one of my favorite movies Endless Summer;  in a perfect world, we’d just cross the Piscataqua into Maine, following that long coastline downeast, then cross the St. Croix into New Brunswick, and see sights and meet folks . . . until some day the sixth boro came back into view, but . . . there are bills to pay and tasks that cannot be avoided .  I want to focus on these boats because I’ve not yet posted specifically on boats doing science.  R/V John M. Kingsbury shuttles between Portsmouth and the Shoals Marine Lab on the Isles of Shoals.

Farther downriver are located Gulf Challenger and Coastal Surveyor, vessels of the UNH Marine Sciences program.  The “gulf” alluded to is the Gulf of Maine.  See archives of their publication Saltwater News here.

And that’s it, a short post.  More science boats when I locate them.  Bowsprite seems to have a better knack of finding ones like Thomas Jefferson, which led me to catch it here.

Here’s my very short video of New Hampshire surfers, endlessly riding waves.  You catch a short glimpse of Isles of Shoals in the background.  Click here for more November surfing in New Hampshire.  And here . .  Cape Ann surfing.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.