. . . actually I wanted to call this “Ida don’t exist,” at least not as a hurricane, as remnant winds tore through the sixth boro in the past 24 hours . . .  I’d guess we saw barely a moderate gale, force 6 to 7?  Dangerous enough, and from the breakers I spotted looking southeast from the high point on the VZ Bridge, seas to take seriously out in the Ambrose Channel and beyond.


But sludge still needs shifting,


ships with prophetic names have to be sent packing,


Mount Salt requires tending,


chemicals transfusions must flow,


contents of many  hundreds of containers cannot be done without.  Bruce A. McAllister escorts.


Danaos Maersk Messologi‘s bow watch stands his station, as


only 18 or so hours are allotted to the task.


Robert IV (1975) also has work to do, and so do I.  Ida has mostly blown herself out and that has


all the difference.  Now Odin . . . the ultimate “house” to avoid windage!

aaaaaiAnd speaking of windage and waves, check this out:  barge La Princesa broke free from Sentry off Virginia Beach while bound from Puerto Rico for Philadelphia area.  Another job for Titan?   Slideshow thanks to Harold and YouTube thanks to Joel.

I’m off gallivanting soon, following Ida downeast, from a distance.  “If the sun were shining, I’d’a gone today.”

Here’s to three-word sentences:  Ida don’t exist.  Ha!  like “diamonds are forever.” Yeah right.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.