Names 10 is OK, but Names 9 has more staying power, taps into classical thoughts.

If I came up behind a vessel with this name, my non-existent Greek would not let me know that


the name is Zim (that part is easy) New York!  Remember, double click to enlarge an image.


Here’s an attractive bulk carrier with a great name that


again . . . from  the stern I’d not recognize.  Time to start studying Greek.  And I thought– besides Greeks–only budding North American theologians would benefit from.


The name here is straight forward, but some mind-changing or dissembling seems afoot with the port of registry.


Check out the comment Rick Old Salt did recently relative to PCTC design on Kennebec Captain’s post here.


I know this fleet borrows names from operas, but I’m not sure I’d be happy to sail the seven seas in vessel whose name stems from a libertine who seduces only to move on and on and on . . . .


and on.  Looks like the rolicking rakish RORO above took a blow to the portside cheek . . . or is that a poorly-pencilled-in moustachio?


Then there’s avid fisherfolk given to cliches. . . I’m mean . . . here’s a place to paint   πόρνη  (Greek or some other relatively arcane script) at least to keep folks wondering.


The bathroom signage here is at least novel . . .  at least I’d never seen it before.


All fotos by Will Van Dorp.