Weather in the land areas surrounding the sixth boro has been glorious!  This gleaming white stuff from beneath the earth’s crust has not been needed to


melt equally gleaming white stuff that leads to ice and treachery for car drivers.  For now it’s just stockpiled, hugely heaped


on the location on a wet but delightful fest 10 weeks back.


Ever wonder who runs this company and what the history of the area is?  Check out this very informative article.  It even sports a foto of Mr Mahoney, Atlantic Salt founder.


In various places along the coast–like Chelsea MA and Portsmouth NH–there are similar operations.  In Portsmouth, the piles are called the “white mountains,” an allusion to a range a few hours north of that port.


Salt pirates??  Check out this story.


If you haven’t read Kurlansky’s book on salt; check out a summary/review here.  Some info on the salt carrier KT Venture here.  The second foto was taken on Nov. 11,  two weeks or so after all the others;  notice how high the salt mountain of the KVK has grown.

All fotos here by Will Van Dorp.