One day Atlantic Coast moves the scow, and the next it moves what would scoop sixth-boro-bottom into  the scow.


Michele Jean does pre- and post-dredging surveying.


An eight-leg stand bucket (?) in autumn light is as beautiful as a spring daffodil about to open, a bud just quivering with excitement.


Fin Kennedy has its niche.


More buckets  . . . er quivering petals.


Red Rogers has its niche.


Bowsprite’s favorite is the cutter head, fierce though it be.


See the fine print on the hull midships . . .  it’s another survey boat.


and two barges loaded with buckets and cranes over by Atlantic Salt.  More on this soon.


Not a very good foto of Seis Surveyor, but I did catch it as an unusual profile about a mile and a half away.  Read all about this transient here.   Here are her fleet siblings.


All fotos by Will Van Dorp.  Note:  all these fotos were taken in about a four-hour period over two days in the past week.  More dredging than typical in fall?

I wonder if Little Richard  would substitute “dredgin'” for “shakin,'”  THE anthem of the dredging world  then.

If you want to see some of the 92,754 steps in building one of the world’s largest dredgers, click here for Leiv Eiriksson.