From Newsday, here’s an interesting story on a controversial USCG training decision in Montauk . . .

Below await a USCG  RB-S and an RB-M.  Bowsprite does a pleasing rendition here, fifth boat down, even though she disarmed it.  Uh . . . Bowsprite, are you authorized to do that?


And while I’m shadowing Bowsprite’s sketchbook, here’s my version of the NOAA R/V Thomas Jefferson she was so taken by.


Moving now from the sublime to the  . .  sewerage . . .  see another shot of the sewerage commissioners’ boat later, but isn’t the timing here unfortunate?  Clean discharge, right?


Here’s New York Naval Militia 440.


A less-messy foto of RV Passaic River.


Neptune, a small DEP boat,  overtakes Hoegh Trooper.


And another small boat . . . this one of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.  Check out an interesting slideshow of their history, including lots of old fotos, here.


All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Unrelated:  Flinterborg arrived safely in Harlingen Saturday, Oct 24 and may even now have started dismasting itself.  Update thanks to Seabart Uglyships.

Also, thanks for your comments on respecting “creative commons licensing.”  It seems to have been an honest mistake.  It happens.