Veery quick post while I recuperate from doing what I do to pay the rent, lights, orange juice habit.  Thanks to Allen Baker, identify the year in the foto below.  The place . . . unless I’m way off is the Moran Yard on the KVK.  What year is this?


Historically I’ve called these “relief posts,” but with homage to the CarGuys, Click and Clack, I might rename this the Puzzler or TugPuzzler or SixBoro Puzzler.    Any suggestions?  Answer soon.

Also, a perturbed bowsprite told me yesterday that ads appear on my blog . . . and hers . .  and others?  I’ve never seen them.  If you’ve seen ads–like for TV shows!!@#@! –please let me know.  I never put linked or added or sold out to them.  We just cannot have a perturbed bowsprite . . . or unauthorized ads.

Cheers.  Thanks, Allen . .  and bon voyage.