Big event this week:  Wednesday, Oct 21 . . . Rust/River:   Jessica Dulong reads from My River Chronicles amid Pamela Talese’s painting, juxtaposed below with my fotos.  Here’s Pamela’s Matthew Tibbetts and


mine . . . in the 2008 Tugboat Race.


Her Marcus Hanna and my

The Marcus Hannah [30 x 24 inches]

Katherine Walker.  Hmmm . . . wonder if any other blogs have renderings of 175′ buoy tenders . .  or plan to?  Here maybe?


Pamela’s Baltic Sea low and dry  and

The Baltic Sea

and mine high and wet.


The subtitle for Pamela’s show is “Corrosion and Renewal.”  Will the corroded Freddy K

The Freddy K

be renewed . . .  or forbid the thought . . . will Freddy K ride out on


a barge like Crow is pulling here.  I know you can’t save them all, but


but . . . .

I can’t make Wednesday’s event, but Pamela will also be at the gallery all afternoon Friday, Oct 23, which is when I’ll drop by.