Much more Flinterborg (now at sea) tomorrow.

Any guesses what vessel this  wheelhouse bridge sits astride?  It’s certainly NOT the Flinter ship. 


No schooner is she.


It docked for part of the past weekend at Pier 66, near Cornell, Frying Pan, and Harvey.


It’s a barquentine, here entering Atlantic Basin some weeks back.  For outa-towners, yes, that’s the Brooklyn Bridge in the distance and Empire State Building beyond that.


The current name is Peacemaker,


built in Brazil in 1989 as Avany.  Peacemaker serves as flagship for a religious group called Twelve Tribes.  How many religious groups have flagships?


Someone I know has made some preliminary


sketches.  Inky fingers attest to the degree of effort.

aap7Here’s the entire vessel, rafted up with Harvey, whose red stack is visible between the masts.  Harvey docks at Pier 66, which you may have seen way at the start of a certain harbor sketchbook.


Below is one of two videos shot by none other than Good Morning Gloucester, who does an impressive interview with Peacemaker crew.  Thanks, Joey.

Fotos here by Will Van Dorp.