What’s this?


Would you believe the object in the first foto here rubs faces with the formidable 8th Sea?  And does  so sans fear.


This gives “flat bottom” a whole different meaning.  No comparisons with an athlete’s belly fit here, as was true for Livet.


It’s the mighty albeit miniature Sea Horse, possibly Hippocampus ingens plywoodus connecticutus, here communing with Mystic Seaport’s resident tug, Kingston II, I believe.


Here is owner/builder/captain Stuart Pate at the Waterford Tug Roundup . . . was that already almost a month ago?  Yes, that’s Mame Faye off right.


The engine room.  Tohatsu 9.8.  Note the ” onboard auxilliary  re-powering system” or O.A.R.S. for short, athwartship between the chairs.   Seahorsepower?  Immeasurable.  Bollard pull?  Inestimable.  I’ve heard Paul Bunyanesque rumors about the results of the nose-to-nose push-off contest.  And deep draft on the tug . . . unfathomable.


Thanks to Stuart for all the fotos except the last two.  For plans, see here.

Unrelated:  Below is a foto by Jeff Anzevino, showing Flinterborg headed upriver Saturday.  When she leaves Albany some time tomorrow, she’ll be carrying a deckload of  Dutch barges.  Check this site for fotos of the barges rolicking their way upriver.


Happy river watching.