First, I must proclaim my love of seeing process . .  especially with artistic creation, as was the case a spell back with bowsprite///tugster gallivant on the KVK as well as the graphic on this site: Cape Ann Painter, which I just added to my blogroll.  With graphic art, there’s the object of attention followed by a subjective rendering.  For those of us who do not sketch or paint, some rendering happens as well:  at least that’s how I understand my seeing “Ice Base” but imagining “Ice Babe.”    So I usually imagine that with a camera, one can eliminate the “rendering.”    It does maybe.  But how can I explain the foto below?  Double click for maximum detail.  It’a a Reinauer below, maybe Joanne III?  But seeing at this distance, image distorted by refraction, gains the illusion of artistic rendering, which


disappears when viewed close-up.  Which do I prefer?  Well, sometimes at least, I love


stylization.  In none of these fotos did I use manipulation a la  Photoshop.  A Miller boat . . . maybe Catherine with a scow and a deck barge?  I like the shimmer resulting from distance.


Tens of thousands of tons of steel and product . . . transform into will-0-wisps that fall off beyond the edge of the world.


Some days . . . spare me the close-ups, the truth sessions.  Right now, give me the mystery, unanswered questions, unreturned communications and  . . . mirage.  An hour from now, I might like more certainty, clarity, evidence, a real touch, intense contact with all its compression and surface-ripping.  Even meetings on the stormy beach  with Lilitu I need sometime.


All the shimmery fotos taken of Ambrose Channel traffic by Will Van Dorp, yesterday.

Related:  in the foto directly above, the vessel on the left mystifies me . . . taken around noon yesterday.  Cruise ship “modified” by the shimmer or phantom from another age that, like a sea monster, only surfaces when NO ONE is looking.

Unrelated:  As of noonish today, Flinterborg–she who will return the barges–is northbound in vicinity of the Tappan Zee;  if you’re in Poughkeepsie on the bridge today, get a snap for me please.  ETA there . . . 1500hrsish?