or stunning shots, images that give pause, fotos that force a screeching stop.  Like the toxic green in Bowsprite’s tango.  Or like this reenactment that comes compliments of Pam . . . was it fotoshopped or not.  Credits go to George Price as cartoonist, Pam and David as  . .  pranksters, Amy as girl and Gary as boy.  River as river.  Fotografer . . . unidentified.  Norman . .  as conceptualizer.


For the next arresting video, I have to thank Eric Fischer, who blogs about his long project of restoring New York Central No. 13, an iron-hulled 1887 tugboat.    I think, in this age of low-budget, YouTube-distributed film, the time has come to reeanact this Barbra Streisand scene.

Compared to the relatively empty harbor [and unfamiliar undeveloped view of Jersey City briefly in the background] in Funny Girl, the Upper Bay near St. George was congested Friday, and then when Spirit of America


powered off the dock after idling some time, the amount of smoke suggested emergency.


Today the Coast Guard stood ready, and when someone saw something suspicious, the  Defender class


boat roared and splashed into action.  A final piece to arrest your attention,  a carrier coming into Norfolk and all the folks involved.


All unattributed fotos by Will Van Dorp, this weekend.