All the events that follow actually happened;  watch the photographic evidence.  Before working this week one day, I had a rendezvous with Bowsprite along the KVK for spotting ships.  Like many folk especially along the sixth boro, Bowsprite and I can shapeshift.


Not seeing Bowsprite, I sat on a convenient rock to make fotos of a tanker.  My aging eyes read the name as  Ice Babe.


I turned to the east when I heard some friendly hissing;  how appropriate on this hazy day to see a haze-colored swan.


The swan swam on, and to my delight, I saw the bimonthly Brazilian orange juice tanker, Orange Wave.  Remember I told you about my drinking habit here?


Suddenly I sensed I was no longer alone on that rock;  Bowsprite had appeared . . . out of nowhere, it seemed.  She was alternately drawing Ice Babe (she insisted the name was Ice Base, and her eyes are better than mine), and brushing some KVK seaweed off her shoulder.  And where was that swan?


As Orange Wave neared, Bowsprite’s ever-moving brush started to transfer the juice vessel’s lines onto a page of her sketchbook.


The magic of the swan-white tanker, swooping bow like a curved neck,  gliding over the hazy bay . . . came swimmingly into her sketchbook.


HanJin Portland . . . when it arrived with its polychromatic deckload, the spell seemed broken.  Bowsprite suggested she’d walk me to the ferry.  Why didn’t she say . . .”let’s go to the ferry,” I wondered.


About a quarter mile from the ferry, she asked me to carry her sketchbook, then waded into the bay.  She distracted me my pointing to a strange sign inland.  When I turned back to her,


I saw only this swan.  It swam northward, and then took


flight.  With quickened step, I made for the


ferry.  And went to work.

Photos of or by WVD.