Until recently, I’d noticed divers only near bulkheads and in graving docks.  But then in Howland Hook one afternoon I noticed Samantha Miller moored beside the enormous 903′ hull of APL President Jackson.


A set of hoses running underwater suggested that someone accompanied whatever happened at their end.


Then a blue machine emerged and


so did a man in black.  I couldn’t say exactly the name of the machine or the nature of the job until Les commented:  “it’s a Phosmarine BrushKart. It has rotating brushes for cleaning the underwater hull. The machine is powered by hydraulics from the service vessel, and the diver rides it and steers it along the hull. This may have a routine cleaning, or there may have been a section of hull that needed cleaning before inspection for damage.”  Thank, Les . . . I couldn’t imagine they were  looking at coral or tropical fish.


Samantha turned, exposing the contents of her after deck.


Randive’s truck parked dockside provides some clues. Check out their interesting website with great stories and pictures of recent jobs.


All fotos by will Van Dorp.  More divers soon.