Besides a tug race this weekend, there’s also a unique vessel (like Day Peckinpaugh) display.  See details here.  Also, here’s a revised schedule for Flinterduin.

My focus in this series is tugboats I don’t recall seeing in the race since I first “discovered” the event just a few years back.  And which tug is making this splash?  Any guesses?

aaat1It’s John P. Brown, which seems the wrong name given the dominant color.  I’ve never seen this green one in the race.


Evening Mist (ex-Patricia A. Bouchard). Currently a Bouchard boat?  Have they participated?


What about Cheyenne (now registered in Newark?)  1965.  Raced?


And Charles D. McAllister (ex-Exxon Bayou State 1967)?  I’m thinking to do a post on stacks, and the Exxon boats have unique ones.


Don Jon boats in general I don’t recall. This is Meagan Ann (ex-Scorpius, Joseph T, Olympic, and Georgeann, 1975).


In the creative color category, Hubert Bays (2002) would surely win.  Did it have orange trim a few years back?


Huntress (1955) might win the “less seen in the north and east end of the sixth boro” category.


And Captain D (ex-Dick Bollinger 1974), an outatowner based in Norfolk.


Neither do I recall this green fleet in the race.  Is this  Falcon the 1970-built tug?  Falcon has the sweetest work in the boro, moving sugar for the plant in Yonkers.

aaat7I said all this with the disclaimer–repeated–that I haven’t been following this race many years.  So please correct me if pre-2005 some of my observations are just plain wrong.

Also, Flinterduin is still at sea, seeming to be moving slower than they themselves expected.  I hope all is well.  Now it’s starting to look like a September 2 ETA.  Keep your cameras at the ready.

All fotos here by Will Van Dorp.