First, a request OR call it a contest to all shipwatchers of the sixth boro or any who journey there on or about end August/begin September:  a material prize for the best shot of 15-masted power vessel Flinterduin entering or traversing the sixth boro with its cargo of 20 traditional sailing vessels.  Material . .  to be negotiated.  I’d camp out on the Narrows myself, but my job might conspire to compel me elsewhere.

Sometimes the name alone enhances a drab foto, but morning sunlight came to my rescue  here and name plus image (IMHO) make this just a magical foto.  Click on foto of River Wisdom, built 15 years ago, to enlarge.


Jo Selje squeezes into a spot less than 100 feet forward of the Lafarge barge Alexandra.  Assisting from Jo Selje‘s starboard is Turecamo Girls.  Assisting to Alexandra‘s starboard is Fred K, ex-Stapleton Service.   I count at least 10 crew visible aboard Jo Selje.


In Alexandra‘s notch, as usual, is Doris Moran.


Slightly earlier Tuesday morning, Kimberly Moran assisted Sanko Venture into a berth, and


Gramma Lee T. Moran escorts Felicity out to sea.


At dusk Spar Virgo heads for sea.  See it happen for the first time ever here, and


Balsa 61 heads upriver.


Here Stadt Berlin heads from Red Hook for sea.  Click here for a foto of Stadt Berlin with an interesting deckload.


That’s it for now.  All fotos taken in the past week or 10 days by Will Van Dorp.

Remember:  contest for the best foto of Flinterduin entering boro6.  Tell you equally vigilant friends;  get your best camera ready.