I’ve seen this odd upper wheelhouse and failed to identify the tug–obscured behind a barge– so many times I put the question it raises out of mind.  The question:  how come I never see tugs with such a “stalk” light?


But yesterday in Raritan Bay I had my chance to make an identification:  Bruce A. McAllister, house raised high.


But I also had this winter shot of Bruce A. , house retracted.


And Bruce A. yesterday, close-up of the stalk.


Now the same about Marjorie B?  Here she lies alongside gantry-craned bulker Sun Suma


and a close-up.


Which brings us back to this foto.  Is this Marjorie B?

aaaats5This blog is–in part– about seeing, and I’ve have many instances of my looking and looking but just not seeing.  Thanks to all who help me see, without which assistance I would be had.


So .. . which other McAllister boats have the periscope house:  Justine?  Sisters?  Rowan?  Girls?

Insight and first and last fotos here thanks to Joel Milton.  All other fotos by Will Van Dorp.