The dawn sun communed with harbor waters for   about 10 minutes before retreating behind thick cloud, but


those few minutes delighted me.  That’s Hellespont Prosperity in background and Margaret Moran headed for the Upper Bay.


Thomas D. Witte moved in some dredge equipment, and then looked for a dolphin to hang on.  “Dolphin”  See meaning 3.


Would you believe I asked these three vessels to line up like this?  Left to right:  Ruth M Reinauer, Christine McAllister, and Nathan E  Stewart.


And a beastly shot.  Left to right:  Sea Wolf, Wildebeest, and Falcon.


If the sun rises tomorrow, I hope to post more, as usual.

All fotos August 6 morning by Will Van Dorp.

Someone asked what prompted the “meditations” series . . . well, I’m facing some big decisions  with respect to work and aging . . . you know . . . fun stuff.