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Let me put a bit of “back story” here:  out of late winter/spring discussions between Bowsprite and I floated upward the notion to invite a number of fellow waterbloggers and others to write their thoughts on swimming and otherwise just playing in water. I’m just thrilled by the response, so thrilled in fact that I will  . . . go swimming tomorrow off Rockaway.  The beach in the foto below is IN New York City, waters of the sixth boro here lapping sunbathers’ toes and ankles and  . . .


Bonnie likes swimming MORE than kayaking ??? as long as it’s with TQ in the company of uhu and ulaa

Mage posted about the Plunge, taking the plunge in her own Southern California “see-ment” swimming hole.

Adam writes about his love for a sniff of chlorine in the morning and aversion to petting at the pool.

Brian, like me, learned to swim in the cold upstate waters and has swum all around the watery parts of the globe.

Tillerman released the tiller and went swimming and posted a swimming youtube song that will echo in my head next time I take the plunge.

Bart, never to miss the opportunity to share another “pretty-boat” foto, sends along a swim-day solar-power special.

Old Salt takes us diving in Bonaire and Key Largo.

Peconic Puffin describes the dangers of windsurfers “swimming” in certain zones and creating a $1200 wheel.

Elizabeth likes to swim naked and reflects on her frustration about finding places to do so.

Bowsprite instructs us on how to swim from a schooner;  I presume this is first in a series that might lead to similar instructions on swimming from a tugboat, kayak, canoe, gondola, …

More digests soon.

If you read this post and wish to send along your own reflections on swimming, please do.  Send me an email too.

Last summer I introduced my 6-year-old grandson to waves.  Before that, he could swim in a pool, but waves upped the ante (and downed the boy) dramatically.  After a first few knocked him down, he loved it and then I need to teach him caution.  I hope I introduced him to a long-life-long sport.


Thanks to all for making this a swimblog day;  maybe we can reprise this at the end of July too with fotos of July swims in all manner of waters.  And if you encounter someone who can NOT swim, make sure they take lessons ASAP so they too can take the plunge.


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