Anyone recognize the boat in the center of the foto silhouetted against the Brooklyn skyline?    I wrote about it almost two years ago here.


Tug goes by Little Bear, operated by Disch Construction.  Little Bear pushes bucket dredge barge into position, but to orient,  the services of the outboard work boat is required.  Any guesses on the work boat name?


Pooh Bear!   And Dredge No. 200.   Can you imagine other workboats in the fleet . . . with names like Teddy, Smokey, Yogi, Care, Running . . .


Pooh did effective assist work, though.


Little Bear dates from the same year as me, 1952; loa  48′.  Classy paint job.  Little‘s low freeboard . . .  I’m guessing that’s by design.


All fotos today  by Will Van Dorp.