The annual visitation of merfolk and their friends happened on cue this afternoon.  This intrepid witness scouted out the approach path (marked in orange here)  in spite of the incessant rain.  Summer begins tomorrow;  rainy season has drenched us and promoted mushroom harvest several weeks already.  An unidentified tug sallied forth to summon the assembled visitors.


Staff stood by to process the waterfolk, insisting that all bear  TWICs;  tweets were ubiquitous too.  The actual coming-ashore was deemed too confidential to film.


Dick Zigun, parade founder and mayor of Coney Island,  led the way.


Some visitors from the deep received special accommodations, as did this variety of  . . . Hudson canyon sturgeon post-makeover for the visitation?


Others moved with grace.  Some merfolk had diaphanous fins, a variety of flying fish, I’d wager.


These might be a variety of butterflyfish with camouflage eyes to confound potential predators.


These impersonated  Maine lobstermen as only mummers can.


The merfolk demonstrated good-will toward us terrans, passing along all manner of freebies;  take my word . . . this mermaid’s hug came with exotic perfume of anemones.


This merfolk defies categorization but captivates me nonetheless.


Mer-politicians or possibly their agents also proposed their own remedies for economic recovery, and hearing about the woes of GM and Chrysler,


some mer-manufacturers seemed to hurry out their prototypes, sensing an opportunity to gain market share.


All fotos by Will Van Dorp.  More tomorrow.