When Pegasus moves, you see it and you HEAR it!  At the point I learn how to embed my own  “audio files”  in this blog, the first sound will be Pegasus‘ whistle, here manually controlled by a fearless crewman.


There’s also a line toss dance ’round the bollard.


Wide-brimmed sunhat shades eyes that shift between bridge and bollard.  Watch the crewman’s shadow.


Eye and calculate,


Talk to man on barge and begin the wind-up.


Flake slack over caprail.  Talk some more to man on barge.  Coordinate with shadow.


Release.  Eye falls right over the bollard:  a ringer.


Passengers applaud, then debark.  Excited “til next time’s” get spoken.  And what happens in the barge, you ask . . .


Well, mon ami . .  all all manner of delights, for the barge is the Big Top, Madison Square Gardens, and the Met all rolled into one.  Saturday night I had the pleasure of hearing the Crimson Pirates as they claimed control of Hoboken’s territorial waters–yeah I’ve expounded on pirates before but these are those who sport the black-and-red to foment hilarity, irreverence,  and joy on the high seas.  See Old Salt’s and (of course) Bowsprite‘s posts here.


Ah . . . imagine an audio file here too with “Tom o Bedlam” . . .


. . . “Land Rover” and “Rolling Home.”

aagm3Meanwhile . . . here’s your chance to support your local historic tug and barge, June 3 TOMORROW in Hoboken.

All fotos by Will Van Dorp.

Unrelated:  Henry sends a message from mid-ocean;  see it also on the NY400 site, left side scroll down a tad.